About Us

KB Chitracar & Co (KBC) is a firm of long standing in accounting practice in Nepal. Since its establishment in 1970 it has been providing quality professional services to the public and private sector for the last four and half decades. The firm was founded by Komal Chitracar who is the senior and managing partner of the firm.

KBC is a full member of Alliott Group which is a worldwide alliance of independent accounting, law and consulting firms. With more than 200 member firms in some 68 countries, the group meets the local and cross-border needs of its members and their clients.

KBC has a very scrupulous policy in accepting engagements and has a strong risk control system to ensure independence of audit. Truth and professional integrity associated with due care and diligence are its cardinal principles of service delivery. KBC takes professional ethics very seriously in practice. KBC also provides bookkeeping services as well as various advisory and other professional services as per clients' requirements.

KBC has long and wide experience of providing professional services including accounting, audit & assurance, taxation as well as advisory services to a large number of clients engaged in the various economic activities in public, private as well as in social sectors. KBC's client profile includes financial and commercial institutions and the various types of for profit and not - for profit organizations.

KBC has been providing services to several international donors, international lending agencies and international NGOs to audit or to carry out agreed- upon procedures of fund transfers to local agencies or organizations for the various programs and projects being implemented in Nepal.

KBC is enlisted in the panel of auditors qualified to conduct audit for USAID and has been providing such service continually since 1990 to audit utilization of US grants to the government and local NGOs for the various types of project activities in Nepal.